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I want to use photography to tell a story. This is so that you can look back at the photos many years later and remember how it felt to be part of the session and that it brings back good memories for you. I want my pictures to be timeless and vivid! 

It is important to me to find a solution that suits your needs, so that your personality, style and humor come through in the pictures. I conduct a booking meeting before we sign the contract to make sure we are a good match. After that I will also send out some questions that will help me in planning the best possible session.

For me, perfect photos are not the main goal!
I take photos that show mood and emotions, all aspects of them. I use nature and the surroundings, as well as natural light. If you are looking for the perfect, posed studio shots, I am not the photographer for you. And that's perfectly fine! 
If, on the other hand, you want authentic photos that are vivid, we should be able to achieve a lot of exciting things together!

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