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Information about all photo sessions

You feeling safe and looked after throughout the process is important to me

The following applies to all my sessions;

  • We have a digital or physical meeting where we get to know each other and clarify expectations to find out if we are a good match. We then sign a contract. 

  • Follow-up and planning of the photography

  • Tips on what to wear

  • Complete online gallery with high quality images

  • Online shop for physical prints and albums

Kids and siblings

Let me capture the kids story

This is the session to capture the story of your child/children. 


I really enjoy photographing children, especially since they often forget that the camera is there more easily than adults do. By being in the moment and forgetting the camera, one gets far more vivid and authentic images.


I let the child/children play and explore the area where we have the photo shoot. Movement and playfulness are keywords. 


Pris 3500/3800


Newborn and baby

Let me perpetuate the baby period

This is the session to capture the memories of the baby period and the time that goes by so quickly. 


There is something special about these little humans and being allowed to perpetuate them. The session takes place in quiet surroundings in your home or wherever you wish. This is one of the few shoots I do indoors. Life with a newborn or baby is unpredictable and I don't want it to be stressful at all. I take plenty of time, and we follow the rhythm of the baby.  

Pris 2800


Let me perpetuate the whole family

This is the photo shoot to capture the story for the whole family. 

Family can be so many things, and it comes in many varieties. It can be small or large! Family for me is what you define it as, and I really appreciate you choosing me to perpetuate it. 

Movement and playfulness are also keywords in family photography. We use each other and the surroundings to bring this out so that it appears in the pictures. 

Pris 3000


This is the session to tell your story. These are solo portraits. Perhaps you need some photos for a professional context? Or do you just fancy an adventure and explore what it's like to stand in front of the camera? All possibilities are open here! 


Here I will do what I can to bring out your personality and style in interaction with the surroundings and the natural light.  We will come up with a solution that suits you.


Let me tell your story

Pris 2800


Let me tell the story of your teenager

This is the session to tell the story of your confirmation. 

Confirmation is a big day, and it is important to have good photos to look back on and to preserve the memories. 

Movement and playfulness and bringing out the personality of the confirmatory are important things. We use each other and the surroundings to bring this out so that it appears in the pictures. 

It is not necessary to take these photos on the actual confirmation day, although many do. It can be just as good an experience to do it on another day when you have far better time and peace around you. 


Pris 2800


Wedding, engagement and elopement

Let me tell you your love story

This is the session to tell your love story!

 The wedding day is one of the biggest days in life, and it is important to document and perpatuate it in a good way. And there are many ways to do it. 

I offer many different solutions here, and the most important thing is to find a solution that is right for you. 
I don't list all the different solutions as this is something I have to plan and develop for each individual couple.  


There are also many people who want to have an engagement session. This can stand on it's own or be a part of the wedding package. Some plan well in advance and others take it more on the spur of the moment. Engagement photos can be good practice for the wedding photos and is a good way to get to know both me as a photographer and what it's like to be in front of the camera. 

On the wedding day itself, there are also many ways to solve the photographing. Some people only want the portrait photos taken after the wedding in all simplicity. 
Others want to include the ceremony as well.

You can also choose to document the whole day from preparations, through the ceremony and portraits and then in the party. 


These are details we clarify and plan together, so the price will depend on the scope. Get in touch for a no-obligation chat! 



There are also those who do not want a big wedding with the traditional party and everything that comes with it. They will celebrate their love in a different setting and without many people present. In English this is called elopement, and I cannot find a good Norwegian expression for it.
Here you may go to a location that means a lot to you, and have a simple ceremony in beautiful surroundings. I am more than happy to document this! 
In connection with this, it may also be relevant to take the wedding portraits at a time other than the wedding itself. Then you have more time and peace to be able to relax and really get into the experience! 
Again, all you have to do is get in touch for a non-binding chat about what could be relevant and interesting for you to do for your special day.  


Prices will vary depending on the session and the type of photography. 

Engagement photography: 3,000 (included at no extra cost in wedding packages)

Wedding: from 8,000 - 20,000
Elopement: from 10,000

Other types of assignments

I also take on other types of assignments. 
This can be: 

  • Events

  • Groups and associations

  • Model assignments

  • Commercial assignments

Get in touch for a non-binding chat if you have questions or requests about possible assignments!

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