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I want to perpetuate memories and moments in a vivid and authentic way

Photographer based at Toten, Norway and Isle of Skye, Scotland.
More than happy to travel for sessions!

I capture close and personal moments and would love to be a part of perpetuating your story! 

Beautiful nature, natural light and people with their own unique story to tell. 

Hi, I am Katrine Moe!

I grew up on Toten and always appreciated the landscape and the large forest areas. 
After a few years of study and work in Trondheim, I moved back as an adult. 

I started developing my interest in photography in my early teens, and have therefore now been photographing for over 15 years. 

In recent years, I have focused more and more on portrait photography, and I really enjoy it! 

For me, it is important to leave the images as natural and vivid as possible, and I use the surrounding nature to create the frames. 

I would very much like to be allowed to tell your story!

I am more than happy to travel for sessions.

2024 is a special year, as I will be living in Scotland for a large part of the year and taking assignments there! 

On the wild and beautiful Isle of Skye, I hope to be able to capture many beautiful moments


"The experience was great !  Very easy going, relaxed and natural. Not forced at all. 
10/10 communication! Courteous, clear and friendly! " - E

"A photo shoot with Katrine is both a pleasant and a fun experience. Her calm being makes everything very unstressful. She has clear visions of a successful photograph, but also listens to, and acts on, the customers ideas. Katrine is skillful, creative and willing to experiment. I particularly like the liveliness she brings into her photos." - I

I value your time and history

Movement and storytelling

I want my photos to tell your story and be full of life! 

I want room for movement and emotions during my sessions.  

I want to take back the slowness and the feeling of having time in an otherwise stressful everyday life. 

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