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Who am I?

My name is Katrine Moe and I am 30 years old and live in Toten.
I live on a small and cozy old small farm where I can work with both the garden and the interior. 


I work daily as an adviser at NTNU, but photography has for many years been a big part of my life, as well as other creative stuff like knitting, singing, reading and writing.
Over the years, I have mainly been involved in nature and landscape photography. This is something I enjoy doing, and I like to combine it with being out for a walk. Photo travels are also something that I enjoy alot! 

In recent years, I have dived more into portrait photography. It's really exciting to be able to perpetuate small and big moments in people's lives. It can be major milestones such as confirmation and weddings, capturing children from birth and growing up, family photos, or people simply just want some nice photos of themselves alone or with loved ones. All of this is just as rewarding to take part in! 

My goal is not to take the "perfect" photos, but the photos that really tells the story of your lives and are authentic and vivid. I use natural light and the nature and surroundings, and only do indoor sessions on rare occations. 

The area around Toten and Gjøvik is where I have my daily life, but I am happy to travel for assignments. 
The special thing for 2024 is that I will spend big parts of the year in Scotland, Isle of Skye. 
I fell in love with Scotland the first time I visited, and now I am taking the step to live there for a while. 


I hope and wish to meet a lot of exiting and good people over there and being allowed to perpetuate these people in the fantastic and wild landscape over there. 


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