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Scotland sessions 2024

Information about all sessions

You feeling safe and satisfied is the most important to me

For all my sessions this applies; 

  • We will have a online or in person booking meeting to make sure we are the right fit and to get to know each other before signing a contract.

  • Assistance in planning the session and guidance on what to wear

  • Full online gallery of high quality photos

  • Online print and album shop

    I am more than happy to travel all over Scotland for sessions! Outside of Isle of Skye this will add an extra cost for travel and stay (if needed)

Couples session / Engangement

Let me capture your love story

This session is for capturing your story as a couple. Your journey can just have started or it can already have been going strong for decades! 
It can also be your engagement photos. 

I will capture your story so you can remember it for life. This is all about perpetuating your memories and moments! 



Family Session

Let me tell the story of you familiy

This session is for capturing the story of your family. 
Families comes in so many varieties, and I am here to celebrate all forms of them! For me family is what you define it as and I would be honored to capture it for you to remember these moments. 

The wild nature of Scotland and Skye in particular is there to enhance your story and make it extra full of life! 


Portrait / Adventure session

Let me tell your story


This session is for capturing and highlighting your story. 

Let's explore the the raw landscapes of Scotland and bind them together with you in some captivating photos. 

In these sessions I am all about exploring the art of photography and what we can create together! 


Kids Session

Let me capture the story of your children

This session is for capturing the story of your children.
I love having sessions with kids as they tend to forget the camera easier than grownups, and this is what I wish for all my sessions. 


I let them play around and exploring the environment at the location. Movement and playfulness are keyword.  

The wild nature and weather of Scotland and Skye is particularly suitable for making the  photos extra full of life! 


Wedding session / Elopement

Let me tell the story of your most important day

This session is for capturing the beauty and highlighting the story of your wedding day or elopement. 

I would be honored to be part of your important day and to celebrate your love story!  

I am happy to travel to your location or explore the opportunities for the perfect elopement location to fulfill your wishes. 

The pricing will depend on location and the full size of the session. 
Please make an inquiry and we will tailor it from your wishes and needs. 

From £650

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